Tuesday , 27 October 2020

SMITE Datamining 22 November – New avatar icons and gif

A bit small datamining, was surfing through the files when I discovered some new icons (or some old but still unreleased).

New icons

Owl icon

It’s been there since long time ago, but I decided to make a gif with him. This is how it would look.

Hint: The icon will probably also have a function with the eyes, building and falling down while closing and opening them.





Thor Hammer




New icon, probably for this christmas, gotta eat him!


Other icons

There’s the icon for the snowman ward, a tencent (I guess) penguin and something I have no idea.



  • Editted the last icon (It’s used by bots in practice).  Noticed by Morthoron  and insaneao

About FAERayo

Datamining Smite since 2013 and Paladins since 2015.Videogames development student.

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