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Smite Datamining – Khepri Abilities (Pre-patch notes)

Khepri abilities just some minutes before patch notes! This skills should be the final ones.

  • Fortitude (Passive)
    • Khepri get himself a shield every some seconds. Allies are able to get a shield also if they are nearby. It works with Maximung Health %.
  • Abduct
    • Khepri jumps forward, deals damage to every enemy he’s passing through. The push works by hitting one enemy and grab him, then he walks backward. Has cripple if im not wrong.
  • Rising Dawn
    • Reduces physical protecions and deals damage over time. Allies get a protection buff.
  • Solar Flare
    • Khepri deals damage and roots all enemies in the area.
  • Scarab’s Blessing
    • Khepri selects an ally god. He cleans all crowd control and grant him power, mov speed and inmune to slow. If he dies, they will be revived with some % of their maximung health where Khepri is.

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