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Smite Datamining – Medusa & Bellona Extra info

Bellona is almost there and Medusa is really coming, a lot of info from the new goddess have been revealed.


  • General Functions (Not attachable to skills)
    • Can execute a Target.
    • Maul Target.
    • BlackPedal Percent.
    • Strafe Percent.
    • Applies extra effects to Ultimate (To angle and something else).
    • Is able to stun a target.
  • Dev 1
    • Medusa Stacks.
  • Dev 2
    • Just a hit. You fire it.
  • Dev 3
    • It’s a charge.
    • Should stop by itself when hits a god. (Only a god).
  • Dev 4
    • It’s a Hit Pulse, this means you active the ability and it damages through X time, this also cost something, or not.. Let’s see it as Cabrakan’s 3 or Anubis Ultimate (in the case you don’t pay mana for hits).



  • Weapons Set
    • Sword
    • Sword & Shield
    • Hammer
    • Scourge
    • Empty Hands
  • Weapon Switch Function
    • Recognizes your previous weapon set.
    • Charges your new weapon set.
    • Uses your new weapon set.
    • On respawn, your weapon should be reset to default one. (Sword)
  • Weapons Timer
    • There’s a function to refresh your set timer.
    • Default time is 5 seconds.
  • Passive
    • Checks for your max Life. (I think it’s applied to weapon set).
    • Max default time is 3 seconds.
  • Shield Bash
    • Default Weapon: Sword & Shield
    • Forward charge.
    • You need to charge the ability, probably like athena’s dash.
    • This ability should have a Stack counter.
    • The stack counter, theorically, is who lets you do a cone attack.
    • There’s a chance to refire the ability.
    • Theory of work: You charge forward and then do a cone attack.
    • AOE Damage.
    • Add block stacks.
  • Spin to Strike
    • Default Weapon: Hammer
    • Can be interrupted.
    • Should have more than one target.
    • Radius Damage.
  • Scourge
    • Default Weapon: Scourge
    • You will be able to fire, probably ammunition applied with something.
    • Heals depending on stacks and num of enemy hit.
  • Veni Vidi Vinci (Ultimate)
    • Deployable (Can’t be deployed if not enough space).
    • Collides with actors
    • Area Knock up

New Skins

  • Janus Jandroid
  • Mercury Boxer
  • Artemis Cavegirl


  • Curiosity Chest
    • This chest has a chance of giving a rare exclusive item or a chance to roll an extra item. The contents of this chest includes skins, wards, and voice packs.

Skins Sales

  • Copy of Skin Sale 2/15 through 2/17 (600G)
    • Mountain Man 50% (200G)    Frost Maiden 50% (200G)    Metal Carnage 50% (200G)

Skins rental

Almost every skin (Didn’t read all of them), but some I will highlight.

  • Archon rental
  • Convention rental
  • Derpules
  • etc..

 New Card & Icons Gallery


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