Monday , 1 June 2020

Smite Datamining – Medusa & Bellona

They day has arrived, Medusa has finally decided to appear in the smite battleground and she finally appeared. Discover what’s up with her. Also more Bellona info.



Almost no info about medusa, as always occur with newly gods added into smite files.

  • GetBackpedalPercent
  • GetStrafePercent
  • m_MaulTarget
  • There’s an Arrow (Doesn’t mean she’s gonna be an archer, just saying).

Ability 2

  • DamageInstigator

Ability 3

  • Has a hit.
  • Has a self function.


Please check the last datamining post with Bellona’s info before reading the new one.

Weapon Sets

  • Sword should be her main weapon since she has a “Reset to Sword” function.
  • Has a mechanic to know what was the past weapon set.
  • The block remains situational.

Veni Vidi Vici

  • It’s a Device.
  • You can deploy it.

Other skills

  • The stacks can be blocked in certain situations.
  • The heal can be added or some mechanic for stacks.
  • The weapon swap may be blocked too.

Future changes

Usually when a God gonna have a new skin or they are edited for some random reason their skills appears in a new line like if they would been modified (call it added recently).

They usually make copys of skills for working in new ones or adding a similar skin to another god, so this mean a mechanic similar to chaac’s rain dance may come into the game with another god. OR NOT.

  • Cupid has received this (Obviously since new cupid skin and skill changes) “Cupid Heart Bomb Timer with Bonus Stun”
  • Also chaac with “Copy of Rain Dance”.
  • Also chang’e with “Copy of Moonflower Dance”

Random info

  • Arena Boar
  • it’shappening.gif

More chests

  • Mystery Chest 2
  • Other Mystery Chest (So many chests they don’t even know how to name them? :P)

New Icon

New Mercury Skin

New Aphrodite Abilities icon (Noticed by Lionkun)

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