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Smite Datamining – More medusa info and bellona

Medusa’s new post which reveals some more mechanics of her invisible stance.


The medusa invisible mechanics works within her passive.
Following the file functions medusa’s invisible mechanics have the following:

  • Friendly & Enemy Stealth Value
  • Passive Stealth Distance
  • PlayingFriendlyStealth

The stealth passive has also a distance mechanic which will probably work with friendly players that will probably make them invisible too or just a mechanic to make sure Medusa is visible for friendly players. 99% sure  it will be to make you visible for your friendly players.

She may be able to reveal enemy units too, not sure tho.

  • Permanent Stealth

Last datamining I noticed that medusa’s stealth could be permanent and it looks to be right, there’s a function which reveals medusa will apply the stealth material once she’s out of combat. Timer should be 5 seconds as well.

Other mechanics

  • Execute
    • The execute will work as expected, after something or upon certain % of HP medusa will be able to execute the enemy.
  • Stacks
    • The stacks remain in her build, no info yet.


  • Ability #1
    • Has a stun.
  • Ability #2
  • Ability #3
    • As said in the past, it’s a charge against a God only.
    • Stops on hit.
  • Ability #4
    • As said in the past, it’s a Hit Pulse ability.
    • Hit Pulse ability = Togglable Ultimate which makes hits every second or consumes mana per hit, etc.



  • Passive
    • Works with a stack passive.
  • Scourge.
    • Heals per each Stack.
    • Can heal devices (??) -> Probably heal her own things.
  • Spin To Strike
    • AOE Damage.
    • Range Attack.
    • Works with stack too.
    • Has an extra damage scaling which uses Physical and Magical.
  • Shield Blash.
    • Blocks attacks.
    • Add blocks per stack.
    • Should be able to have more blocks if you have more stacks.
    • Will be able to re fire the cone attack.
  • Ultimate
    • AOE Knock Up

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