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Smite Datamining – New Hou Yi info + Skin sales until January

Hey there;

After lot of hours invested found a new way to find info, this will bring some new better clarifications for some things. I’m glad I can finally bring more info.

This datamining post brings more info about Hou Yi, which is supposed to be the next god after Awilix, we can expect him around Mid January.

Hou Yi

  • Basic Attack
    • 40 + 2.5/Lvl (+100% of Physical Power)
    • Has a progression (Like 3rd hit more powerful and so)
  •  Passive
    • Mark of the Golden Crow
  • Skill #2
    • Attack Speed increased by 35% and movement speed by 20% Not 100% true, 99% True.
  • Skill #3
    • Is a multi shoot.
    • Shoots poison darts.
    • Poisons you.
  • Ultimate
    • Sunbreaker
      • Copy of Throwback This line is near the Sunbreaker (teorically) Ultimate Name. I don’t know if this is referred to the skill or not, that’s why Im tagging this as *NOT EVEN SURE OF BEING SOMETHING*

New Conquest

  • Fire Giant
    • Will attack as melee and ranged. (Melee is tagged as UNUSED)
    • Still has the lava flow attack.
    • Lava Swell (Looks like a special hit)
  • New Conquest map should have a better perfomance, looks like they worked a lot on this.
  • Cyclops V3
    • Small Cyclop Mage: Buff camps, small one.
    • Big Cyclop Mage: Buff camps, big one.
    • Small Cyclop Warrior: Buff camps, small one.
    • Big Cyclop Warrior: Buff camps, big one.
    • Since we know big one is used for melee minions in waves, does this means the mage big one will be replacing one archer?

Skin Sale

There will be a new skin sale. I would say there should be a new pedestal skin in one of the following sales, not sure tho.

  • Skin Sale 12/27 through 12/29 (600G)
    • Afro-dite + Black Widow Arachne + Covert Ops Bastet
  • Skin Sale 12/30 through 1/1 (800G)
    • Dark Lord Sun Wukong + Death Machine Bakasura + Elite Agent Apollo
  • Skin Sale 1/2 through 1/4 (700G)
    • G.E.B 1 + Gravehound Anubis + Heavy metal Thor
  • Skin Sale 1/8 through 1/10 (600G)
    • Infiltrator Loki + Lil’Mana + Master Guan Fu
  • Skin Sale 1/11 through 1/13 (600G)
    • Mountain Man Odin + Frost maiden Freya + Metal Carnage Fenrir
  • Skin Sale 1/14 through 1/16 (600G)
    • Privatyr + Dark Whisper + Soultaker Hades
  • Skin Sale 1/14 through 1/16 (600G)
    • Scarlet Coven Isis + Wrangler Artemis + Stormbringer Zeus

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