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Hand of The Gods Datamining 0.25 – Mayan Cards

Been a while since I did my “Smite Tactics” datamining, downloaded the game few days ago and decided to do a new datamining. Hopefully I’ll be continuing depending on how much interest I see into my posts.

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Mayan Cards

  • TITAN – Ah Puch
    • Passive: Deploy a 1/1 Zombie anywhere on the battlefield.
    • Lingering Dead: Deploy two 1/1 Zombies.
    • Unholy Offering: Destroy a Zombie and deal 3 damage to an enemy.
  • Ah Muzen Cab
    • Passive: Warcry – Deploy two Hives.
    • Hive: Can be deployed anywhere on the map. At the start of your turn, deal 1 damage to ALL adjacent units.
  • Awilix
    • Passive: Ignores the first application of damage every turn.
  • Suku
    • Passive: If you control another beast, Suku has Charge
  • Cabrakan
    • Passive: Restore 1 Health to all Friendlies in a Column.
    • On the enemies turn, deal 2 damage to adjacent enemies whenever a card is played.
  • Camazotz
    • Warcry: Consume all friendly Zombies. Gain +1/+1 for each Zombie consumed.
  • Chaac
    • Passive: Warcry – Deal 2 damage.
  • Hun Batz
    • Passive: Whenever another friendly dies, gain +1/+0 and +1 movement.
  • Kukulkan
    • Whenever another friendly dies, spawn a tornado on a random enemy unit dealing 2 damage and displacing them.
  • Xbalanque
    • Passive: Warcry – Select Sun or Moon.
    • Sun: Deal 1 damage to everything.
    • Moon: All enemies on the battlefield can only attack in melee range.
  • ITEM – Blood Bond
  • ITEM – Corpse Throw
  • ITEM – Decay
  • ITEM – Hive
  • ITEM – Sever

Neutral or Unknown Pantheon

I’ve tried to verify if the following cards existed with the current wiki (Not sure if 100% updated) so let me know if some old the next cards are old.

  • Behemoth
    • Passive: Whenever this unit takes damage, gain +2/+0.
  • Blight
    • Passive: Deal 3 damage to all enemy units. Enemies killed leave behind a Zombie.
  • Carrier Behemoth
    • Passive: Whenever a friendly dies, deal 1 damage to the enemy summoning stone.
  • Chieftain
    • Whenever a friendly dies, gain +1/+1.
  • Death from Above
    • Passive: Turn an Enemy into a Friendly Zombie.
  • Nacom Warrior
    • Whenever another friendly dies, draw a card.
  • Raise the Grave
    • Passive: Give all friendly Zombies +3/+3.
  • War Behemoth
    •  Passive: Whenever this unit takes damage, draw a card
  • Zabin Scout
    • Passive: Whenever a Non-Zombie dies, spawn a Zombie.

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