Tuesday , 11 June 2024

Smite PTS Datamining – Exclusive items for Ratatoskr, Cog Anhur and more skins

Just some new info found with the second patch deployed into PTS. This brings a little more info on how Ratatoskr will be played since it seems to have items for him.

Please, don’t miss the latest post with a lot of info from Ratatoskr


  • Voice of Horizon (Title)
  • Voice of Yggdrasil (Probably recolor skin name)
  • Both names got translated from another language so they may be different.
  • Blue Acorn
    • +70 Physical Power
    • +15 Physical Penetration
    • +15% Movement Speed
    • PASSIVE – This item activates all Blue Acorn upgrades on Dart, Tail Spin, and Acorn Throw.
    • You gain 20% Movement Speed

New Skins

  • Hercules Skin
  • COG Anhur
  • Metal AMC (AMCTier2)


  • Yeti (May be the herc one?)
  • Commando

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