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Smite PTS Datamining – More Ratatoskr and Achiement icons almost completed

With latest PTS patch achievements are now almost completed and 226/249 of them have icon already. From now on I will be tracking which one is new and which one receives item.

I have opened a donation option for Smite Datamining.

Once you acces to this website you will be able to select 2 campaigns of donation.

The xbox campaign – You will be donating for me to be able to buy an xbox one and datamine its smite version, since it will have exclusive information it may be very interesting to datamine it.

Datamining campaign – This donation will be for me and hosting management, it won’t be used for an xbox.

If you are going to donate, thank you in advance.


  • Dart
    • Stacks
    • Gives extra power with stacks
  • Acorn
    • There’s some kind of probability you must accomplish to buy an acorn.
    • Yellow and blue acorn are situational, I suppose you always are with white one.
    • I think max acorn is 4.
    • The acorn cancel stealth.
  • Tail Sping
    • Hit multiple targets in aura attack.
  • Throw Acorn
    • The acorn thrown can hit a target.
    • The acorn explodes to any god it hits. (Probably teemo ratatoskr)
  • Ultimate
    • Increased speed while flying.
    • You will have X range to “TakeDown” which will be an attack for sure, you can understand this similar to thor ultimate (The attack is the TakeDown).
    • The ultimate works with an acorn. Not sure yet, but if you have an acorn better it should be.
    • It recognizes if you have Whiote, blue or yellow acorn.
    • The flying posture will be forced, so you probable don’t choose to fly or not, it climbs and then you fly.
    • Location of the ultimate will be kinda random since it should spawn a tree it will search for best location.
    • Flying speed: 3200.0 (if im not wrong, you have to divide by 10 to have real units).
    • TakeDown Range: 1493.0
    • Shares Athena Ult camera (Probably for targeting and teleporting).

Portrait Gallery

Latest patch they didnt include some portraits, so here they are.

Achievements Gallery

Since they are over 200 achievement I will not write each achievement name inside the image, if you want to know what achievement is please clic on the image and read its name.

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