Monday , 10 June 2024

Smite PTS Datamining – More Ravana and summer event


Please, check the last Ravana’s datamining, this listing is only new info found.

  • Chakra Strike
    • Ground target
  • Shadow Fist
    • Roots
    • Ground target
  • May have some pets or globe in his lobby animation.
  • Ravana Dark Pact Form (Instance – Material change while ultimate).

New emotes

  • Clap
    • Ratatoskr
    • Ah Puch
  • Wave
    • Ratatoskr
    • Ah Puch


  • Warning
    • You have been warned for bad behavior.  If your behavior continues your account will be banned from Smite.
  • Punish Leave Early

Treasure chest

  • July4th Chest
    • It will also be collecting money for esports season 2.


As you know, there’s a new Summer “odyssey”, we have some icons in the page, but there’s 1 missing.

  • Unknown icons
    • Sand tits
  • Unknown rewards
    • Summer Voice Pack
    • Fireworks global emote for Summer of Smite 2015
    • Looks like a pedestal?

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