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Smite PTS Datamining – Summer of Smite Rewards

Finally we know summer of smite rewards!As spoiled in this post, please read we already knew there would be some rewards for getting the summer event items, now we know what will be in there.

Summer of Smite

The video includes some sounds and the summer theme music, listen it all!


  • 1st Reward
    • Aphrodite skin
  • 2nd Reward
    • Summer Pedestal, beach thematic
  • 3rd Reward
    • Announcer pack (Name is revealed, but Hi-Rez wanted it to have under secret as they asked nicely)
    • The Announcer pack gonna be awesome, just saying.. Keep up the hype until they reveal!
  • 4th Reward
    • Firework emote? Looks like this item won’t be a reward anymore as it isn’t in PTS, maybe they switched to buy it.
  • 5th Reward
    • Anhur skin (That future themed skin) and it will be Limited edition. I suppose this mean we won’t be able to get it in the future, as thanatos and poolseidon skin.


  • Cupid Skin
    • As spoiled by Lionkun earlier, the Honey Bee Cupid
  • Geb Skin
    • Will we see geb’s ultimate as a beach ball?
    • Beach Cyclops for Geb skin preview. (The same cyclops from hebo’s sydney)

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