Wednesday , 5 May 2021

ATLAS Dev 2.0 Datamining

So, this post will cover during this weekend the whole information I’m able to get from the files. FAQ What’s this? This is Smite Datamining, I mostly do Smite datamining but have done for Gigantic, Paladins, Star Citizen, SWTOR and a few more games in the previous years. What do I need from the readers? Since the game is new, …

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Smite coming soon to Nintendo Switch

  Smite is joining Nintendo Switch very soon. As anticipated in previous posts for Xbox and Paladins for Switch we’re now very confident that Smite may be hitting Nintendo Switch soon. Evidences Since 5.18 Patch (Arriving soon) a new engine config file has been added for Nintendo switch under Oasis tag, pretty much as it happened with other console versions. …

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Smite Hera’s Odyssey 2019 Lore – Chapter 1

Odyssey 2019 Lore Index Go back to Odyssey Main Post Odyssey 2019 – Chapter 1 Mount Olympus was quiet, while all the world around it burned. Darkness reigned within the grand palace that stood at the mountain’s peak. No lamps were lit to offer their flickering light to halls of breathtaking frescos, intricate mosaics and the countless priceless treasures that …

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